A letter for him

My dear,

Can’t you see that I am trying to get to you?

Are you too blind to see that I’m trying to get your attention?

I know you’re no mind reader, but can’t you tell? Or am I being too subtle?

I wish you knew that my heart races each time I see you.

I wish you knew that you took my breath away, just by being near me.

I wish you knew that your smile, your laugh and your jokes really makes my day.

I wish you knew that I really, really like you, and I don’t even know why.

We’re gonna part, pretty soon. I hope you’ll cherish every moment we spent together. And I really hope you won’t forget me. That we will still talk to each other, and meet up for tea sometimes.

I’m gonna miss you a lot.


I love cakes and chocolates so much, if they were a person I'd marry them.
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