A Journey Of Happiness

When I asked “how are you?” over two cups of hot chocolate in our favorite cafe,
You give me collections of sugar coated of “I am okay.”
Don’t get me wrong, I would love to hear that you are doing okay but I want the truth.
Dear, your eyes are bad at lying, you should know that.
It is silly of you to think I don’t notice the tremble in your voice when you said “I am okay.”
Then I asked another question, “what makes you happy?”
When the question slipped out of my lips, your smile faded away a bit.
“I am not certain about what makes me happy anymore.”
You gave your honest answer to me.
Finally you let down your wall in front of me.
I looked at you.
You are bright dear.
Not as bright as the sun but your brightness is enough to offer warmth to other people.
I am sure there are things or people that make you happy but the overwhelming thoughts in your head makes everything blurry and uncertain.
I don’t blame you.
I know how it feels.
Then I said
“Shall we figure out what makes us happy, together?”
I gave you reassuring smile to let you know it is not only you that feel lost and uncertain about things in life.
You chuckled.
“Seems like a journey and I would love to do it.”
I took a last sip of my hot chocolate as you did with yours.
“Let’s go for the journey shall we?”
I said while standing up, waiting for you so we can walk side by side.
“Let’s go.”
I don’t know where this journey will lead us but I can tell this will be exciting and we both can learn something from it.
– a.h.

A dreamer with a messed up mind that loves to write.
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