A guy that I like- You left me nothing but question

I met this guy during my high school years. I only knew him as a batchmate because we were in different classes. He’s tall, has bright skin, wide smile, rich and smart but freaking WEIRD. He never acted serious in any situation like damn playful- but that’s what I like about him. Although he was not in the smartest class in the school, he’s still brilliant and quick-witted especially in calculations because our school is prestigious and a lot of smarty-pants were placed here, so it does not even matter.  He might never know my existence because I am a petite little girl who seems like a pro introvert- yes, I barely make friends with people. Almost along all the years, I just only had the chance to look at him from far, and stealthily glanced at him when we walked pass by.

Sadly, one day, I had to move to the other class because I screwed up in my exam achievements. Honestly, I was so freaking sad in the first place because I was so comfortable with my former class environment but fortunately there’s another fate that was on my side- yes, I needed to move to his class. Just one word, awkward. Before this, I never knew his true color until I sit in the same class as him. He’s loud but attractive. I was expecting nothing because, at that time, my feelings towards him were purely nothing- I was not liking him that much but still attracted to look at him.

From time to time, he started to act weird with me. I was quiet in the class but he always chose me to share my answer to the class. Till one day, he sent a follow request to my Instagram- I am honestly a little bit wild on social media. Then I approved but expecting nothing in the first place; not even a single “Hello”. At that moment, we were apparently working in the same event for the school, so he often replied to my stories or dm me for event purposes. But we turned out to be quite close to each other even after the event ended. Till today, his replies or any notification from him is something that I waited for every day and it makes my heart pounding every single time.

My feelings towards him started to fonder and bloomed bigger. Yes, I love him and he acted the same way too. I do not know, we just never confessed to each other, but he cared too much on me. More than I do. I have no idea and completely do not know, does he feels the same way or is it just me who stupid by having the feeling the otherwise he had towards me. Till now, this question is still hanging in my brain and heart, waiting for the right time to answer.

halo :)
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