A Great Team

I’ve learnt in Psychology 101 that there is one form of love that is the strongest one of them all.

So i wonder…

How could there be ‘the strongest form of love’ when love as itself is already the sturdiest word in the dictionary?

That was… until i found you.

How naive can one be?

You see, turns out love alone is not enough.

My friends once told me that i was (still am), the embodiment of love.

Love, is never a vague concept to me.

Love, is beautiful.

Love, is simple.

That was… until i saw you.

Put You and I together, and watch us mould into the strongest form of love.

The triangular love theory calls it the consummate love

It needs passion, intimacy and commitment in which you were already the representation of all three,

Before you met me.

So when you walked into my life,

It does not feel foreign.

You were already passionate with the ways your fingers trail around your piano keys

You were already intimate with the ways you treated the elderly

You were already committed with the ways you work on your daily routines.

2+2=4 do the math, it is that easy.

You and i, we make a great team.





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