A flop fighter

Physically strong,
But a loser inside.

Acting all tough and brave,
But scared and dying inside.

Emitting the brightest smile infront of everyone,
But hiding a big scar and crying heavily inside.

I’m a girl,
Dreaming for a hope.

A hope,
That will never be fulfilled.

Dreaming for my close ones,
To understand and acknowledge my feelings.

Thus, living and struggling with my life,
In searching for the right terms and words.

To describe and explain,
What’s inside this petty soul.

Is it really my own fault?
For not having them to aknowledge my feeling.

Each and everytime,
Fighting with myself to speak up.

And when I do,
Failure is the only outcome.

It’s because of their reaction,
I feel rejection and not needed.

It kill my motivation.

It make me believe,
I’m no one special.


I fail to save myself.

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