Sebenarnya I’m not afraid of the dark,
At least not as much as I’m afraid of the crowd,
Sebab dalam sunyi malam everything’s quiet,
The loudest critic are just my thoughts,
But in the face of others it’s empty threats, cacian…oh boy, how mengarut!

Sure I’m afraid sebenarnya to meet the one,
Because to do so ramai I’d have to filter untuk cari that person,
Takut bukan sebab apa but more because this is a big deal,
Like I’m not about to waste my time with God’s will,
So it scares me to know yang dia might not feel what I feel,
Since I’ve been there and I’ll be damned if you think I’m thrilled.

Don’t tell me you’re not afraid sebab I can clearly see it,
You’re so transparent even bila you cuba nak fake it,
Because I know that trick so takyah lah nak acah deep,
I’ve been there, I’ve done it,
You ingat I tak tahu that you’re sick and tired of shit?

It’s okay to be afraid,
Not because there’s monsters in the closet,
Not of those under your bed,
Your skeleton key I hope you’ve buried that hatchet,
Be wary lah of those phases you’re faced with,
Don’t be dazed and confused by their tricks or worse treats,
Sebab demons sebenarnya people known as plastics,
So…be afraid, be very afraid indeed.

Poetically incorrect. Bilingual.
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