A call for a journey

Until then I really have no plan to fix things around me I guess.
The only plan that I have in mind was to follow my guts (even I get confused at my guts constantly)
and to just follow the flow.
I have so much goal. So much wants that I want to achieve. I even thought, if I achieved those goals-
then I’ll be happy, content and fulfilled. I think if I were to achieve these goals- then people will be more
appreciative of me, thoughtful of me and maybe more respectful of me.

The truth is, no one owes me that.
And the truth is, happiness is so abstract and broad that goals are just tiny bit part of it.
Some said, its not the destination, but its the journey that counts.
I know it sounds cliche. But honestly, it is true.

When plans got cancelled and your guts on someone changed, people around you start to change –
then its no other than your journey to endure it that really counts.
You surely get somewhere (the destination) whether you realize it or not. You surely reach somewhere
even its just landing your feet in front of your door. You surely reach there.
But the thoughts that lay around you,
the attention you give to your surrounding,
Your priceless reaction to exciting news,
Its always the journey.
Aren’t they?

So, if you think there’s something you really want to be included in your journey
No matter what people view it as
No matter how vague things can get
Hop on, it’s your journey 🙂
Start to say yes to small cry and some big cry and of course
Yes to laughter that enrich your life

So where was I again?
Oh. Trying to make the journey counts!
Until the next stop, everyone 🙂

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