A Broken Girl

I knew a girl.
A very sad girl.
She don’t have life codes.
Everything on her is black.

She is dull.
She is plain.
She is a mistakes.

She is bad on making conversation.
She is bad on making relationship.
She is bad on everything she loves.

For her;
It is okay to leave her.
It is okay to hurt her.
It is okay to kill her.

Because she knows;
She is dead.
How could she hold to someone with those scars?
How could she got strength when no one beside her?
How could she loves him when she is a shattered pieces?
Even her-self is broken.

All I know;
She once a bright summer shines.
She once had a mind full of thoughts.
She once a beautiful charms of Pandora.

She is bruised;
Trying to pick up her shattered pieces.

But the reality is;
She had lost every bits of her on things that never turning back.

"She was always an introvert, but at her core there had been something vital and alive, something that even she wasn't totally aware of".
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