At the age of 16 , i want to date someone romantic . Someone who comforts me with all his words despite of his actions . I failed in my relationship .

At the age of 17 , my only goal is to be with someone that i can show off to the world . Someone that gives me flowers , someone that i can post his pictures with the most sweetest caption ever . I failed too .

At the age of 18 , i only looking for someone who has ‘something’ . Someone who owned a car , has an expensive phone , etc . I let go someone that i need for someone that i want , and that relationship , it never worked out .

At the age of 19 ,
I seek for someone who motivates me & always be there for me . I’m longing for their actions more than words . Someone who i can be weird with . He don’t have to be sweet ; his actions are enough to show me how much he loves me . He don’t have to owned something to win my heart anymore . We can explore the world just by holding hands together .

And , i’m still waiting .

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