28 Jun 1991

Last 28th of June was my 27th birthday. Yes, 27 freaking years old already! Orang lain macam-macam dah achieve when they reach this age and here I am just starting over. No, I’m not mengeluh and not being bersyukur. Really really am bersyukur and feel blessed for what I have.

Thank you Allah for giving me such a supporting, understanding, wonderful family and friends. Kalau nak dibandingkan dengan orang lain punya struggle and obstacles, my problems are really nothing (but I am only a mere human yang lemah (need to chin up!)). I am not that strong, but need to be strong nonetheless. Life must go on. The damages have been done. Masih banyak lagi ranjau, onak dan duri yang perlu ditempuhi.

I would like to thanks my family for accepting who I am, the way I am, my flaws and never stop supporting me mentally and physically sepanjang I bernafas di atas muka bumi ini. Especially mom, I know I banyak buat salah and silap dengan you but you always be there for me. Love you mom! Terima kasih kerana sudi melahirkan anakmu yang serba kekurangan ini. Tak lupa buat Kak Long, whenever I call/ need her she always listen to me, layan I although it’s really nothing important. Kadang-kadang I call sesaja je sebab I felt lonely and feels like I need to talk to somebody to keep me sane. Love you Long!

I also would like to thanks my dearest friends for making my university life awesome. Without them, I don’t think I can pull all those years through (there were darkness alongside the journey, but sometimes I see lights because of you guys!). Really from the bottom of my heart. Especially, N, S and W; although I jarang contact you guys, just so you know that I do and always remember you guys. Thanks sebab sudi berkawan dengan I yang kerdil ini. I pray that you have all the right to happiness in this world.

Doakan yang I am able to pull this life through, tak mudah putus asa dan sentiasa dipermudahkan segala urusan.

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