21 because I’m going to be 22 .

Lay it all down on the front,
This is what it feels like to be 21,
Trapped in a bigger bowl,
Being able to breath but not really,

Its the ocean honey,
They move me to a new aquarium,
More space yet I still drown,
Feeling matured,
But not really,

I’m 21 now,
But I still cant word properly,
My brain is thinking hard,
Of how life has torn people apart,
Mother nature would be disappointed,
To see her children’s destruction,

21 and I still wants validation,
From shallow minded people,
I want what I can’t have,
Recognition from cool people,

So if you want to ask me,
How does it feel,
To be in this age,
I tell you,
I don’t really know,

To be 21,
I still don’t know what I’m searching,
Yet I’m still in between,
But not really,
Age is just a number,
And we’re counting.

I am what everyone ought me to be but myself. http://sevenminuteinheaven.blogspot.com
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