2 ramadhan

2 RAMADHAN 2019.

pak, selamat berpuasa pak! bapak dah 3 tahun tak puasa kan! mesti best.

dah takpayah marah marah tahan lapar!

rindunya. pak dah lama takda orang bawa pergi bazar ramadan cari kuih pak.

dah lama juga takda orang bawa berbuka puasa.

kita tak banyak kenangan sesama pak. but every single bit or memories that we have,

i keep it close to my heart.

i had to pause for 10 minutes before i can continue my writing.

pak..i now know that there is no other happiness can ever easy my grieve.

not even after two years pak.


happy ramadhan, my one and only old man :))


No one listen to me, so i started to write.
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