I woke up wanting to kiss you,
Even though I tahu you’re not there,
My bed empty and cold from missing you,
So I tarik selimut to keep you before you hilang into thin air;

I woke up wanting to taste your words,
Every letter manisnya di bibirku puts a smile on my face,
As I stir my morning coffee while dekat luar it pours,
Still I dengar you humming quietly all sorts of careless whispers;

I woke up all tangled in your thoughts,
Sambil I brush away any stray curiga di jiwa,
Because thinking about you leaves my tummy in knots,
Dan bila our tongues intim berbicara,
Oh boy, my heart bak kena renjatan berjuta megawatts;

I woke up with your scent lingering on my skin,
Your hoodie I pakai to keep our secret galaxies,
An invisible peta hidden from the others sebab they won’t understand,
How our love is not a sin,
It’s electric…divine…our own little slice of paradise,
Heavenly desire and lust yang meant for just us.

Poetically incorrect. Bilingual.
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