#16 Mix feelings, thoughts (Need opinions, please)

“I am not ready, yet.”

That is happening to me right now. What I told people, everything was a lie. Even yourself did not know whether you were telling the truth or lie. If you read my previous post, you can tell I am such a deep thought person (technically, over thinking type) which well, it is not good.

White lie – does this ever considered exist ?

When your heart being broken many times by people that you believed (as if), you tend to be numb in whatever feelings you are having now, I mean right now. You do not know which feeling to feel- guilty? sad? happy? Do I ever deserve it?

It’s very confusing whatever happening in present when you really cannot let go of the past. You tend to mix all the feelings. Do not know how well to differentiate them. Do not know how to fairly judge with your own hearts.

You think that your heart really wants it but actually it tells the opposite. See how your emotional, mind or whatever things in yourself play a critical role in deciding . Sometimes, it leads to regretting.

Damn, I am not sure how to tell. There are so many things in my thoughts right now. Maybe next time I will write better. In words that people can understand and translate the meaning well.


Anyway, happy raya everyone ! Hope everything will be okay (?), emm.

Love to count fishes in the ocean.
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