13 December 2018

I am Kiara and I thought today, or this semester would be different that the rest, I thought I have chosen a buddy that would help me for the rest of the semester. Oh, how I was wrong to put my positive judgements on it.

Its been a rough week for all students this time of the year, due dates are approaching, presentation is to presented and last-minute work to be passed on in hoped for a pass. I’m no different than other of the below average students.

However, today was the day that my perspective towards people will forever remain and will never give another chance to give hope on things that doesn’t even matters. This were getting heated between members and lectures are influencing students on things that they are half believed in.

It is sad to see such a childish scene is happening in adult world.

In the beginning of the semester, I have been hoping to shed a new light as my last semester wasn’t doing so great. I have made a group of friends that I was hoping could give me hope of survival as last semester I have chosen a group that are selfish for themselves and not anyone else. But at last, in the end of this semester I have found that my judgement on the new-found group is anything but worst than the last group.

What hurts the most, being accused on something that I did not do.

I was never influenced by someone, or anyone. I know what I do is wrong, and I would like to understand it myself than having others to understand it and interpreted it to themselves, making assumption on my own judgments.

For so long I have protected myself to pick the right group of friends and I never thought these group of friends of mine does any good for me than making another thick wall over the word ‘hope’ much thicker.

I am Kiara and this semester is fucked up.


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