(I thought of posting

verses, carefully written,

as an introduction for all to see.

But then I thought,

Wouldn’t impromptu poetry

better describe lil old me?


And so here I am,

1:00 in the morning, writing

this fresh from my head.)

Where do I start?

First, I’m a guy trying to find

his place in the world,

preferring to take on challanges

as each day unfurls.

I’m brown – two shades actually:

Arms, roasted coffee beans,

a gift from the sun.

Torso’s a lighter tone of chocolate.

Which brand? The Cadbury one.


What else is there?

Oh, I love to draw.

I love to write.

I love to read from dusk

till the sky is bright.

If I were to jot down a list

of the things I love now,

it would take hours and 10 pages,

but alas, my mood won’t allow.


But for me to describe myself in detail here is an impossible task, because humans are just too intricate. Plus, I’ve still a lot to learn about my own inner workings (example: I just realised I can drift into slumber simply by folding my arms.) Still, I can try
to show you what I’m really like through literature.


And I guess this is the start.



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