Buat masa ini

Buat masa ini Diri ini merasa lebih baik Mungkin aku sudah mula Menerima hakikat Bahawa kita berdua hanya cerita sementara Buat masa ini Hati ini merasa lebih tenang Mungkin ia juga sudah lelah dan redha dengan segalanya Kita berdua memang sudah tidak lagi sehaluan Buat masa ini Aku tidak lagi menunggu dirimu Menanti kehadiranmu tiap […]


We tend to want to feel good about ourselves , we want this little thing called , acknowledgement . It gives us a nudge , it might not be a strong push , but just enough to bring us up to try harder and add in a little more effort . Life’s all about that […]

Headache and me

Playing with fire – Blackpink ‘Im having headache’ Like every time im in the same room with people that i hate. ‘I had terrible headache last night ‘ For every single meetings that i skipped because i hated and felt a mounting disgust at that one person in my org. ‘Sorry, it’s my headache ‘ […]

A short letter to the Long Letter Guy

‘I hope this i hope that’ so i said. ‘I pray lagi okay, huhu’ says Z. Someone like you – Adele I pray that one day, you’ll meet a woman who will cherish you, fill your heart, lift you up and tell you how wonderful you are as a husband, a friend, a family and […]

Yang dulunya…

Kesempatan itu datang hanya sekali, Jika ada yang kedua, Itu namanya tuah. Tapi, Kita ini berbeza, entah apa yg istimewa, Hampir tidak terhitung kesempatannya. Ini bukan lagi tuah,tapi bukan jugak takdir. Masih juga aku menunggu kesudahannya, Dipinta berakhir dengan cara istimewa; paling tidak dengan keduanya gembira. Dulu, Ada perasaan yg harus kamu no 1 dalam […]

What will you become?

When you’re no longer no.1. Even when you constantly standing at the front, When you’re no longer have something, And realize that you can’t afford to have nothing, When you’re no longer able to live, Let alone able to breathe, When you’re no longer admired, Don’t even think about being desired, When you’re no longer […]

Lost Youth

my generation craves for attention validation, false love we’re all huhgry for a meal of recognition entitled, break down living lavish with lies and illusions high all night, feeling low we’re all lost in a made up hopeless romantic scene too much worries and wishful thinking Pin 0

Love Genesis

it was still a clear sky and calm ocean it began with no reason a feeling bloomed like flowers of spring with confusing scents a warning of not all beauty serves to heal but desire, the colours i fell and the thunders growl it was a hurricane and riptides it began with no reason an […]

Welcome to adulthood, it sucks, you’re gonna love it

Waking up with thoughts of going back to sleep. Eating breakfast holding vomit thinking of things coming after this. Working 5 days a week, waiting for 2 days of sleep. Having weekends at home saving money to afford things you don’t need. Friends you had are no longer available. Friends you have are not what […]

Little Broken Heart

I feel the pain. I’m looking for the cure. The path were dark, The cloud were dusty, I can’t find my way. I am lost In my own dignity. What was left, A little piece Of a broken heart. Calling out somebody To take me home, To be the light, Guide me to to the […]


You always find a way To get back to me, After I throw you away. I’m no longer an abandoned shipwreck. I don’t want to sing your song anymore, Your song got me feeling sick. You might think that I miss you, I already found my heart in other place. I see people always looked […]

writing about not writing

I don’t have enough words to say what I need to say, but whatever it is, I feel like I need to still put together something to untangle whatever uneasiness I have in my heart (and mind) now. I am out of words. I am out of ideas or ways to get you out of […]

Long time no write

As I type, glances of my own features reflect itself in the dark pane of the notebook screen clean features, if somewhat messy hair disheveled eyes framed dark with heavy bags hanging loosely I wore earrings today. No particular reason. I just felt like I wanted to feel a bit prettier It didn’t work tho […]


We met for a coffee, You asked for less sugar, Meanwhile green tea for me. I can already see our division. I don’t talked much, You told me about your family And your sad past, You’re not the only one. I listened to every words, I felt every breath, I saw every wrinkles, I was […]

Green Light

The space are big, If only I was not alone. The gap are far, Between me and you. I built the wall so high, So no one could reach. You tried to get in, I closed all the windows And doors in me. You took the spotlight away, Judged me for who I am, Or […]