ditengah mereka

// aimer – anata ni deawanakereba Saat ini, dalam diriku menebal rasa ingin memberontak teriak pada sekujur tubuh kaku di depanku. Aku yang teringat pada masa-masa belum lagi. Belum bertemu. Belum berjabat. Belum terlepas. Seperti layang-layang yang ingin lari dari tuannya, aku ingin melepaskan diri dari tali tambat kehidupan. Dan seperti gelap yang mematikan deriaku, aku […]

we were all once hung dry in the corner of despair. crumbling in pain, its crippling affair. grim and sorrow, hearts unrepair, endless struggle nothing to compare. we were all once, torned asunder, poor heart, ravaged and plundered. ravelling heart looking to gander. to have an answer, or to surrender. 00 Pin 0

My Wife Lied to Me

My wife lied to me. She didn’t think I knew, but I did It’s all in the way she breathes. She said she was fine But I saw the way she took a breath so deep, it straightened her spine She only does that when she’s sinking Thinking too much till she’s drowning. Whatever it […]

The Screenwriter

The wasn’t any food on the table and the fridge was almost empty. John sighed. He knew his mother was disappointed in him but he didn’t think she would refuse to make him dinner altogether. “You’re in your thirties. Sort yourself out.” John’s mother said to him when he phoned in. He had no other […]

All Over Again

The world is not always in your favor, You try to be more braver. There are days when you’re a fighter But other days you want to be a quitter.   The blue color in your sky faded, You’re getting weary and feeling jaded. One day it will turn brighter, You know this too will […]

Find Me

My heart is getting weary, Where is my bravery? Scattering everywhere, Maybe it is here, there, somewhere?   Clock is ticking, My heart is breaking, Time heals they said Then why this scars won’t fade?   I wonder. Will I stuck here forever? With this pain, That makes me feel drained?   I have been […]

Unique You

I want to see your smile, I want to see you fly.  I hope you hold on, So you can move on.    To the better days, With brighter rays.  Come forward, Don’t be a coward.    You have come from million miles, Now you deserve so many smiles, After all the tears, And the […]

antara sajak-sajak patah

Suatu hari, aku telah meletakkanmu di antara sajak-sajakku yang patah. Hanya kau yang tahu, kalau aku, selalu mahu hilang dalam jenaka-jenaka yang tak bermakna dan lupa. Surat-suratmu sudah tidak lagi aku kirimkan. Maka ini, adalah surat terakhir tentang tuan, si penglipurlara dan penghibur hati saya. Mustahak untuk saya tuliskan surat ini, kerana saya harus bertapak […]

Life, love, live.

life is easy when you live for yourself, when you are free from others expectations. to be able to face yourself in the mirror. unfazed by your flaws, and to grow in them. to bloom like a flower, and.  to be true, and to be you. +20 Pin 1

setahun kemudian, dan aku masih bernafas

“apa khabar?” “sihat?” physically? mungkin, mentally? pernah ke sihat? entah setahun kemudian dan jantung aku masih berdegup, masih mengepam darah ke seluruh urat saraf, masih bernyawa, masih hidup, masih terseksa apa khabar semua? harapnya baik-baik saja, kalau tidak pun, harapnya tidak terlalu berduka aku buka laman ini, dan baca coretan hati, sayu terkenang saat aku […]


If the wind could be so calming and comforting, Why does the breeze of the memories hurt, feels like I’ve been struck even if it slowly passed by? . If the flowers are so beautiful Why does it have to be stepped down, losing its beauty, against the stars, that was impossible to reach? . […]


flowers. blessed with a thousand colours, bestowed with abundant qualities, with millions flair and possibilities. grew with beauty and qualities. but none can match the tint and shade of your skins, none matches your figure, with your sweet smile and gleeful joy. flourishing with heavenly eyes. if you’re a flower, you’ll be an elixir. essence […]

Tear Ducted

Noises we heard,Noises we felt,Exchanged notions of two-pieced souls,Possibly born to bond. Noises we heard,Noises we felt,Became string quartet strung in mid-air,Melodies sung to the bones we shook. Fireworks at the very eve of New Year’s,Fireworks at the very eve of lonely,Of entangled emotions,Shattered by a dulled splinter,Buried deep on the palm of your hand. […]

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