This is the end

We start our friendship since primary school. And end it at age 19, 2018. It might be hurt for me, but not for you. It’s okay. You were just kind for me back then. I love our friendship. But it turns wrong when i did something that i supposedly not do. I regret. But it’s […]

Diri Teguh Walau Malang Hadir

Yang terakhir mungkin nafas mu tidak lagi dihela, yang terakhir mungkin mata mu tidak lagi berkelip, bibir mu yang sentiasa kering. Layu dek angin yang bersuhu suam. Kulit kau kelihatan pucat, rambut kau kelihatan kusut, hidung kau berhingus, Yang bebas melalui liku kehidupan. Walau bagaimanapun hidup seperti kanvas kosong, putih. yg mencorak kita atau sekeliling […]

he and she

she was sad, he was mad. she was depressed, he was obsessed. she was blue, he was in pink. she had grey sky, he was sky high. she lost her mind, he never understood. she loves him whole, he played her soul. she was away, he had someone new. she was platinum, he wanted gold. […]

My Bestie

Hi bestie. I miss you. I miss you so bad. Please come back. Come back and talk to me. Will you? It feels like I haven’t talk to you for years When its only have been just 3 weeks I think. I didn’t realize I was counting. Didn’t realized I was keeping a tab on […]


It’s one of those nights again. Where I couldn’t help myself to feel worthless; to feel like I am not enough. It is one of those nights where I hurt myself so bad because my insecurity has eaten me alive; where I couldn’t stop comparing myself to someone else that I think is so much […]


It was back when I were still young and vulnerable. I don’t even know some terms that kids these days know and understand. At the age of 12 going thirteen. I’ve been experimented on. It all happens without warning. I never knew the one that I thought would protect me, Cherish me, And wished me […]

My heart is still….

My heart is still wavering How can i stop it You’re really something Why do i even give a shit My heart is still wavering Of a clement smile of yours Who are you to make me feel this way It remains pensive almost every day I couldn’t dodged through the truth And i wish […]

I hope you DIE

My mind suddenly brought me back to the 7-8 years old me. It’s like she is calling me, waving her hands to ask me to come. I walked nearer and then I knelt in front of the girl. We aren’t that much differ in height, she might be around my neck level. “How are you”, […]

Always a call away

I sleep with my phone in my hand So you’ll be just a phone call away. But two egos is a hell of a distance to cross And when pride is at stake, neither of us will bear the cost. After all, any price is too high For drowsy silence to be the reward Because […]


I’ve become heavily dependent on writing. A mere escape from the from a reality I find hard to swallow like the antibiotics you’ve always reminded me to down no matter how uncomfortable it feels. I could no longer profess my feelings, for I now bottle and spill them on paper like my life relied on […]

The next best thing

my lonely cannot stand the cold it settled for the next warm body that offered himself up, called him the next best thing in line; convinced me that it is better to be stripped off contentment in someone’s arms at 2 a.m. than in front of the tv I pretend that there aren’t certain ways […]

Unstable Superman is a threat to the world

‘Unstable Superman is a threat to the world’ Cara terakhir untuk kalahkan Superman adalah dengan batu Kryptonite. Batu asas untuk planet Krypton yang sudah lama hancur ribuan tahun dahulu. Hanya yang tinggal adalah serpihan dari kapal angkasa General Zod yang jatuh di Lautan Pasifik. Tetapi batu itu telah jatuh ke tangan Lex Luthor. Tanpa sebab […]

The Flood

The night takes its form In stages of still blackness and inky silence. Ibu knits by the staircase squinting in the candlelight while reciting pantuns; Abah trudges through the water with a kerosene lamp and a yellow umbrella muttering to himself – All is still on the water’s edge. I look out the windows torchlight […]


Start walking at the end of the driveway of the modest yellow house on Haven St. made of crumbling bricks and splintered high-beams tattooed in black ink at the back of your hand. make a right down Crescent towards the sun and another right on Brunswick Avenue no stopping for snacks or bathroom breaks and […]

The Grocery List

For every emotion songs have already been written: poetries and sonnets, angry beats and murder ballads. My more positive, happier self is an extra-terrestrial being from galaxies far away: No cutting off fins from sharks. Unlike lizards’ tails fins don’t grow back. Love. Respect. No ceramic idols lining the windows their empty gazes crawling up […]