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Dreamer; published poet.

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the theory of us

he said we came from different planets fixed on our orbits, never meant to collide the scientists say even a mere graze of our hearts would be a colossal damage to the universe but in my mind was a love story 4.5 million years ago when the early Earth met a planet called Theia kissed, […]

Cry for coffee

Sometimes, a cry for coffee shouldn’t be taken lightly, When someone says “I need coffee”, not because he or she is simply thirsty.   Far from feeling glee, Especially when it is a daily plea.   SEE… The drinkers are trying to convey that they are sleepy, because they couldn’t sleep properly, because their minds […]


“Teh ais satu, bang. Bungkus.” Dari luar, tampaknya hujan masih rakus menghempas tanah. Sudah tibanya musim tengkujuh. Sesekali ditekup kedua-dua tangannya rapat ke mulut, satu hembusan dilepaskan untuk menghangatkan tangan yang semakin kesejukkan. Hujan yang semakin lebat di petang hari melarutkan fikiran Azura. Ah! Sudah enam bulan rupanya. Tanpa dapat dikerah, perakam mindanya kembali mengenang […]

Calm waters promise nothing

I’ve known these winds these shifting sounds.   The way they flow with tipping toes then run towards hurricanes, then meet the calm river; Until the stagnant reflection shows itself a ripple of everything undone   The epilogue runs slow on its vowels, escaping consonants to drag on slower, to maybe pretend, for a while, […]

The Kitchen as a Sanctuary

It really did feel like he was coming home. This is the kind of poetry I could never write. I have no correct grammar, no confabulation, none enough to grab hold of this condition. It really felt like he was coming home. But since then, since that year, and that missed opportunity, it didn’t bother […]

is it hard?

love, why do i feel we are more distant now? why do i feel we are not being honest now? love, is it because the pressure you received by someone that is clingy, and needy which is me? love, is it because we’ve shared too many things that together we almost exist but no longer […]

Will you?

“loving someone is like giving them a gun and trusting them not to pull the trigger” but you did pull the trigger, didn’t you? and it shot right through the part of my heart where the love for you was kept. it scarred me all this while. but did the love flows out? – it […]


I have learnt to speak less about you I can’t even remember the last time I said your name out loud Or telling of how sad I am now that you’re not around It is the mind that is harder to trick I can’t help thinking of you everyday when I’m having a cup of […]

like stars in the galaxy

Like the trillions of stars, makes up the galaxies, we’re made up molecules, clusters of cells, collections of tissues,  of nerve-wires and blood canals cascades of reactions and muscles contractions even if one ceases,  the rest persist.   Need no look further for all within us is enough to bring us closer  to the One, […]


How i wish everything changes like the time we had. I’m sorry i had to say things that needed to be said because i wanted to know the real reasons. Yes,it was harsh. Harsh enough for me to lose you forever. Alas,the saddest thing about it when you said you no longer love me.That’s so […]


Hai Ben. I know you are not gonna be able to read this, Ben. But i have missed you so much that i couldn’t help myself to come to this square screen and write something. Some things that i have been dying to tell you but i couldn’t, since you won’t understand a thing. Remember […]

Abu and I

Hi everyone It’s my first entry here. Phew,i’m not really sure why I am here but i would like to share about this particular aloof cat;Abu. Let me remind you,she is the cat that appeared out of nowhere in front of our house. At first,i fell in love with her.Her faded grey fur was not […]

Forget? Forgive?

  I don’t know if its doable. I sometimes wonder, Will you forgive me if I Did the same exact thing, To you? Or your family? Loved ones? Would you mind if I scarred them for life? Like you did, To me?   I try hard digging to my heart core, Hoping to find that […]

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