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Dreamer; published poet.

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the theory of us

he said we came from different planets fixed on our orbits, never meant to collide the scientists say even a mere graze of our hearts would be a colossal damage to the universe but in my mind was a love story 4.5 million years ago when the early Earth met a planet called Theia kissed, […]


Ayat tu hanya sampah, kata-kata tu hanya sampah Luahan yg hanya masa tu je kau rasa kau waras, yg kau rasa kau betul-betul sayang Lepas tu, sampah   Ayat-ayat manis tu tak menandingi dengan perbuatan Buat macam mana kau katakan Baru aku tak panggil tu sampah   Pin 0


Some For sometimes I really thought I’m one of those cool kid But it happened to be some weird kid running around For somedays I filled myself with sweet voice of mine But something is wrong with this frog sound of mine For some reasons I felt that the world is evolving around me Turn […]

Like a star

Like a star Shining across the world Covering with melodies around the universe Finding the owner of its bright Life can be full of mischievous act or thought But with star by your side No doubt you’ll shine brighter And easily pass the days with no hesitation Be the pilot flying across the stars at […]

I like it

I like it feels like reborn with new vibes I like it feels like I found my perfect smile of the day I like it I got this I’m truly fine I like it It’s like venturing into new form of happiness I like it the rainbow filled with imaginaries colours I like it the […]

Another day, month and year

Woke up and realizing another day has passed Woke up and knowing another month passed by Woke up and smiling throughout another year has gone If I spent another day missing you If I spent another month wondering your whereabout If I spent another year questioning myself It would not be worthed my time But […]


i just quit my part time job today. i started working yesterday (lmao) and it was Sunday. can you imagine working at a restaurant in a mall on the weekend which ocean of people coming to the restaurant and as i was on my first day working i was put in a service position but […]

Aku Mahu Bahagia

Mata itu aku tatap Wajah itu aku sentuh Hidup ya kau masih hidup   Sambil aku belai bermacam difikiranku Apa kau lihat aku sama macam dulu Atau apa kau lihat aku sama macam dia Ataupun kau lihat aku muncul yang baru   Masihkah mereka difikiranmu?   Yang sudah pergi itu aku tidak gusar Aku bingung […]

selfish thoughts

It’s hard to breathe on my own It’s even harder to breathe under the tears pain time and love of someone who always be struggling for me It’s hard to tell them “I’m not fine” “I’m struggling” “I’m a coward” “I’m sorry” “I could not make you happy” “It’s too hard for me” “To stay […]

Apa Penghujungnya

Dalam kabut aku serabut Memikirkan hal hal tua yang belum sempat aku jelajah Apa penghujungnya Mati itu pasti tapi mungkinkah dalam bahagia Atau mungkinkah dalam derita   Lihat lorong yang gelap Dari situ aku guna hati untuk melihat Setiap langkah dengan hati hati agar aku tidak terjatuh Kerana jatuh itu sakit Kadang tiada upaya untuk […]

After Heartbreak – 23rdJul19

I admit. It was hard when I broke up with him. You know who. I wasn’t traumatized however it makes me realized, That im not good. Not enough. He is a good person. And so was you. Along the way through my life, Even though I met someone else, You were there. And do you […]

How do I start this?

Bukan ini yang aku nak I always thought that Life could be so much better Macam pelangi lepas hujan Bintang dalam gelap malam Golden sunset tepi pantai Tak, bukan golden sunset.   Tapi hakikat tak seindah khayalan I thought i got life all figured out Macam satu tambah satu dua Kuning campur merah jingga But […]


1994: 3.04 am Petir yang sabung menyabung menakutkan si bayi kecil di atas pangkuan empuk ibunya. Nita membiarkan jari-jari si kecil menggenggam kelingkingnya seperti tempat pergantungan hidup. Melindunginya daripada mendengar selain bunyian petir di atas kerana ada guruh lain yang lebih kejam di bawah. Ferhad memulas tombol pintu perlahan. Dia tergesa-gesa melangkah masuk ke dalam […]


its been a while i have been walking alone passing by the withering flowers/   with my worn out heart i carefully say goodbye to my feelings i let it fade away in the dark yet you come and knock on the door/   i look at the sky letting the clouds remind me that […]


Dear someone that 2036km away from me, I miss you, like always I hope you’re doing great with your days. I can’t wait to see you. I hope you will feel the same too. If you wonder how much I am missing you right now, just know that every inch of my heart, soul, and […]

i had no one when it comes to me

I wish someone would realise how big heartbreak really is and how a breakup really affect someone, shattering them into pieces, turning them onto being something they’re not. Yet every single day, they put on their t-shirts, wore their best smile, goes out and act like everything’s okay. I had my breakup last year. Everything […]

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