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Question Marks

1. I wonder, how many smiles have you forced Just to avoid spitting my name out of your mouth? Like raisins from a cookie you thought was chocolate chip. You bit off a huge part of me and now you can’t swallow, I sit on the bitter palate of your tongue- you wish you never […]


I saw you again today Smiling and giggling Around people that you love It makes me felt warm   Then you parted ways with them You walked alone And slowly I noticed Your warm smile were no longer there   Were you sad? Were you hurt somewhere? Does it broke your heart for not being […]


Come dance with me in the rain Rather then staying under a shade That way you’ll remember me When you face your rainy days Come stay by my side When I search for a 4 petal clover leaf That way you can think of me During your luckiest days Come run along the beach And […]

I’m Afraid

It felt like you know a lot about me. Feels like you don’t. Maybe you do not know the details, But you do know how I feels. Part of me thinking that I should tell you everything, Part of me are afraid you’d run away. Well, who doesn’t? I would too if I were you. […]

The Epitome of My Break Free

—It’s 7 am in the morning. The rain just stops pouring. Im getting ready for a run. It’s a holy day I call it today. Why? Cause this doesn’t happen often, me waking up this early and getting ready for a morning run. I eat my breakfast quickly and grab my phones with earphones hanging […]


I got some tricky sides of me I hope you won’t get icky with Cos I know there are some sides of you That I know I’ll get upset with I’ll let you know ’bout my tricky sides So that I’m easier to deal with Could you let me know your icky sides So I […]

Hey, Love

Hey, Love Do you see the same moon as I do ? Do you stand under the same sky as I do ? Do you breathe the same air as I do ? Do you walk the same ground as I do ? Do you feel the same wind as I do ? Do you […]

A Letter To My Ex-Best Friends

“Heartbreaks are not all about love , but friendship too “ I still remember the moment all of us cherish and spent together when we were in high school, 14 of us , were very closed to each other , Broke rules together, Silly jokes wherever, Promised to stay forever. But, As we reached our […]

if u come to visit

What a waste, We should’ve been together if i stay right? Too bad i keep telling myself i’m a wanderer… Too dumb that i keep believing i’m cursed right? Oh how i wish you’ll still remember all of my delusional stories. Too late, you won’t read anything from me again. & that is my mistake, […]


I am very fragile. Macam kaca; macam gelas. I am very fragile. Tapi aku selalu takut untuk tunjukkan retak pada tubuh. I am very fragile. Tapi aku rasa aku tak sepatutnya macamtu. Somehow, I feel like I am supposed to be brave, sturdy and bubbly all the time. I feel like I give burden to […]

I Never Can Tell

—“Will you marry me ?” I remember how for the hundredth times he asked. “I am going to take care of you I promise,” He added. “You know I can’t,” I gently replied. He knew I would never agree to that but he asked anyway, hoping I would have second thoughts. “We are young. What’s […]

I Am Plucked

I am no seeker I sit still like a flower Bloom beautifully Envied by the leaves And favoured by the bees I am never tired Never torn Because I do not run I do not walk I sit Before I know it I am plucked By the hand of the worthy I give my best […]

letters to Jane #3

dear Jane, Today is a little different. I’m missing you a little more. I’ve had it in my mind actually, for quite some time now. I’m just watering over the sprouts of my thoughts of you, hoping that when I get to see you my mind would become a field of blossomed flowers. I want […]

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