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Heboh Doh!

Oii manusia bongkak kalau pikir tu gunakan otak sibuk menyibuk diri sendiri kejarkan dunia hati diperkosa hawa nafsu tamak haloba yang mahukan semua yang memberi tiada sibuk mencari teman onani ikutkan hati responsibility tolak ke tepi tapi kan. tapi kan Buat apa nak marah dah la panas dah kata khatulistiwa biarkan saja kenangkan apa Hati […]

I didn’t care.

  I didn’t care about how I looked until you told me my face needed a fixing I didn’t care about the gap in between my teeth until you told me it looked funny I didn’t care about the colour of my skin until you told me I needed some skin whitening productbecause you said […]

To the heart that are hurting

Hi. Maybe in life, we make choices. But sometimes choices make us. I never really understood that phrase, but maybe as I’m growing up, I’m beginning to understand. I’m still learning. I’m just nothing but an 20 year old trying to figure out how life works. I know you wish you hadn’t let him go. […]


All of this months, I’ve been thinking about starting over, like for everythings. I guess I’m just beginning to restrain myself from talking to people who don’t matter to me, nor those who were once the people I have loved. Since I recently cutting off some people from my life cause I feel like there’s […]


Things have been a bit chaotic lately. I am constantly swarmed by thoughts, flashbacks, and things I don’t mean to remember. I am turning dark. Every fibre of my being is turning into something I don’t want to be, and I am scared of it. Anyway, friend. Just want to let you know that I […]

Adored By Him

pretty girl with the deep brown eyes, your pretty moves and the sunshine smile you wear, I can clearly see how you make his soul glow, pretty girl with the adventurous mind, you envision so much you make me look blind, you spark his life in ways I’ll never know, pretty girls there’s no need […]

Us Vs The World (2013)

Thinking what might you do to get money or what might you do to change your world. Honestly I can’t think of anything for both questions. I’m 21 & still haven’t accomplished anything.Everyday i think what do i wanna do in my life, what should i do for my life? But in the end, my […]


Do you ever try to view things differently? especially how you view life ? i am a person who is always keep my head straight i have never feel the need to see life differently as long as it is fine for me. Somehow it gets threatening the view i used to enjoy to flourish […]

Love & Hate

A month ago I broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years. After 4 years of the relationship I became less interested in her. I fell out of love. And I hated myself because of it.   At first I ignored it hoping it would just go away on its own. But eventually I told […]

the end-

6 years.. I keep on waiting and waiting for you to come back. I waste all my 6 years just to waiting for you cause I believe that you and I are meant to be. I believe that you’re meant to be mine, and no matter how far we’re apart, we will always found our […]


Some nights my hands are cold My feet, they are numb As numb as my heart As cold as my feelings Some nights When I laid down my bed I stare  into the blank ceiling Its white colour Plain So I draw my imaginations into them Now they’re no longer white, plain ceiling They’re now […]


But we know better.   Selflessness is what this is. Letting go, watch each other grow. That’s what we are here for.   To be honest it’s scary to imagine ourselves floating and losing our balance in space, with no sense of directions into each other’s arms again. But spaces let us think in silence. […]

I wish I never met you

I wish I never met you in this life, I wish I never fall in love with you, I wish I never have a thought that you’re the best things ever happen in my life, I wish I never wish to have you back in this life, I wish I’m not deeply in love with […]

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