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Dreamer; published poet.

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the theory of us

he said we came from different planets fixed on our orbits, never meant to collide the scientists say even a mere graze of our hearts would be a colossal damage to the universe but in my mind was a love story 4.5 million years ago when the early Earth met a planet called Theia kissed, […]

The Same Old Love Letter

For my beloved protagonist, Three hundred and sixty-three, three hundred and sixty-four, three hundred and sixty-five… days. Every day, God let me feel the pain of this regret. Every drop of this blood, He let me feel the taste of my own action. Every tick on that clock, He wouldn’t let me rest. Not even […]


And I knew. I knew from the beginning that you were not serious. But I still love you anyway. I still fought for you. I betrayed myself. I betrayed everyone who warned me about you. I have faith in you. I loved you and I still do. Do know that when I love, I love […]

Much Too Much

I was much too much In the choice of words In the clangs of cutlery It was much too much In my irritable mind In my weak spirituality She was much too much In her constant nagging In her demand for perfection They were much too much In their reliance on me In their ignorance […]


Stutter, silent Words become dull to hear no one Surely, slowly World eats and caught one by one Joy, fun Everything turns common Laugh, laughter Is it so fun? Pin 0


When you held my hand, my world stops, I became numb, the only thing I can feel was your rough hands against mine, the sparkles that sets inside my heart. It feels like electricity flows across our intertwined palms, makes my spine shivers. I felt safe. I felt that I’m in good hands, the warmth […]

Out of sight, out of mind

  I am easily distracted. Not amuse at most of things. Easily get bored. Cant be followed most of times. My head is a disaster. People who enters get drowned. Of so much noise and chaos. I wonder who’ll manage to win the cold breeze, And thunder storm, The sea rage, And gets to the […]


Pocketful of lies, handful of deceit, Strained relationship and broken marriages, Family built, family torn, Others call it toxic, Some called it home. Pin 0


when the time finally comes— where my soul expires and my body retires abandon traditions or religious regulations i don’t want to go to heaven— or hell i don’t want to rest in peace as well i want to exist as a spirit so i can freely roam this city i worship, to haunt and […]

then what about me?

I know people tend to say about not making life about yourself. but then, it is my life so maybe I can make some things about me. because what about me? am I the only one who’s suppose to hurt? supposedly I should be taking care of someone else’s heart but no one cared for […]


Sering kali kita diyakinkan menangis itu sikap orang yang lemah. Benarkah? Jika benar maka pastinya menangis itu tidak digalakkan di dalam Islam. Tapi, pernah kah kita berjumpa ayat atau larangan dalam Islam yang melarang kita menangis? Tidak bukan? Islam sememangnya mengajar kita agar tidak menjadi lemah. Hatta, sebagai perempuan yang diakui fitrahnya lebih lembut dari […]


I was wrong to think, that we could be something. and I was wrong to hope, that we’re more than nothing. but I was a negativity to you, and you were more than a dream to me. nothing more than the colour blue, never as close as happiness should be. Pin 1

Raya dan cancer

Lillahi Taala Orang cakap saya pandai, tapi entah kenapa saya google macamana nak raya dengan cancer. Orang kata tulisan kita ni akan jadi saksi kita nanti biar baik atau buruk, sebab tu saya menulis walau tangan kanan saya kekok. Hari ini, tuhan kasi saya raya. Bagi saya, raya dah takde makna. Tapi saya kena kuat. […]

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