A letter to the broken souls

Dear Lovely person, Looking at you just like looking at my own reflection of my soul. I saw a soul that is broken, melancholy but despite of that still have a little bit of hope. I feel serene because I find a match for my soul. But I can’t help to feel hurt for your […]


He was that. I knew from the start. Never had I ever thought to have anything to do with him. Apart from being a colleague from the same workplace. He was like an older brother. At times like a father too. And trust me I know he never thought of me in a weird way. […]

True Love

Your true love like an awesome fire rages in my body melting my heart Your true love like the falling snow drenching my innermost dreams and my desert dry soul Your true love like the rustling wind whispers to my ears promises of the heart I love you. Pin 2

Sunrise and sunset

Sunrise means a new beginning and a new chance to keep on trying and trying. So greet sunrise with a smile. Sunset means you’ve survived and you fight all your way through the day. It’s okay to take a little break when you’re done fighting. Pin 1

You are adored

I can say that I adore you. Every inch of you. From your awkward smile to your shaking hands. When I said every inch of you, I mean including all your flaws and your chaos soul. So darling please with stardust and snowflakes on the top, I want you to learn that your flaws are […]

Not A Good Friend

Yesterday My friend cut of our friendship By only a mere misunderstanding I tried to clarify She wouldn’t give a chance Truly I am tired Not because of our friendship But because of myself How can I tell her I am not a good friend I am jealous She got her life She got her […]

i need you

i called you so many times, but you didn’t pick up your phone, i tried again, hoping but failed. he called me, asking me like he was so worried about me, and i couldn’t help it but to talk to him, because he’s the only one was there for me. now you asked me, why […]

Life is not a race, but…

They say life is not a race. And I agree. It is not. But life is not indefinite either. Time flows. And it will continue to move, whether you like it or not. And as such, I need to get my priorities right. I must be mother’s knightess, and protect her from the world’s misery. […]

Melancholy Rant

I don’t why, but lately or should I say most of time, feeling melancholy is the only thing my heart fond of. Like I spent too much time reminiscing the fragments of yesterday and keep playing those fleeting memories until I had enough of it. It does not limit to relationship only since I’ve had […]

Shut Up & Listen

Being right is so overrated, especially when it comes at the expense of basic human kindness. Inherent in the need to be right is the desire to put ourselves above others, to make them wrong in order to appease our own insecurities and our ego’s need to be perfect. We can’t always agree with each […]

Her Eyes

She thinks her eyes are ordinary, boring. Not unique. For me, they are more than just beautiful. They are all sunsets I’ve seen, all rays I’ve felt, and all deep seas I’ve been. They sparkle like blood. Clear and vivid. Since her confession, I’ve never found brown eyes ordinary again. Pin 2

Simply Having You Around

I don’t need the world from you, or shiny things, or big things, or things at all. Simply having you there — breathing the same air, feeling your skin graze against mine, when you could leave, At any moment, is more than enough. Pin 2


Salam Aku kenal dgn mamat ni kat Wechat… Sebelum2 ni aku x pernah confess kat mana2 lelaki but entah tiba2 dtg gila aku confess kat dia yg aku suka kat dia. Dia pun terima aku. Start couple hujung bulan Oktober 2017 then dia tiba2 senyap.. aku as gf mesti la nak text or call dia […]

Can’t be together

You weren’t mine from the very beginning We weren’t a thing actually You were a cheat, I should’ve known When you first said hi to me behind her back I kind of knew where it was going But I let it happened Every dms, voice messages and video calls They felt real, like we were […]


I sat there frozen with my mouth agape while I was screaming “Hands, what are you doing? Add this track to your playlist already!” [ Jo Blankenburg – Illumielle ] I close my eyes and return to my childhood, full of adventures, return of a wonderful place that I do not want to leave. It […]