I hurt people with my presence, They hated me of by my existence, The words they spilled, All over the places, Always reminded me, There are no where that i belong to be, They said ; Im rude. Im ignorance. Im annoying. Im ungrateful creature. Little did they know, They are the one who turned […]

into your eyes

Do you remember how often our eyes met back then ? Not very often , but when they do , what followed was always your amazing smile . It was something to appreciate , and to adore , as it was not very long until you looked away . I only had to hope that […]

Dear, child me.

Dear, the child me, By the age of six, Your personality is a happy kid, You talkative and tend to play dead and detective. It is so rare for you to be sad, You will also start asking your father to pet a stray cat. By the age of seven, Your personality is the rebellion. […]

Seorang Hamba dan Teka-teki.

Tajuk : Teka-teki dan hamba. Seorang yang hamba yang kehilangan diri, dibebaskan penjara tidak lagi bermain teka-teki. Seorang hamba yang kekal hamba, ia fikir telah pecahkan teka-teki. Kerana, ia pula tidak sedar dirinya selama inilah yang perlu dipecahkan untuk menjawab kesemua teka-teki ini! Pin 0

Like Dying I mean Like Dying

Come across my mind in slideshows and slow music I’d dance to your name all the time it finds a reason for coming out of my lips. I think God had purposely made everything to resemble the way your heart beating. I mean the vulnerability is deliberate the vulnerability is easy. Like dying I mean […]


Lit up a cig, dying slowly Life is meaningful so they said, Its fills with loneliness and misery Pray to god, they said Demons doesnt stop even if i pray, Pin 0


She is not ordinary. For she is irreplaceable. When I’m too busy looking at stones, she’s the only diamond that I’ll ever need. She is full of life, she herself is life. People would say that we, that I myself should live as if heaven’s on earth. Well, she’s a part of that heaven. For […]

Hey There

Hey there beautiful, You’re gonna be alright Because you’re gonna shine bright You’re gonna do everything just right All those tears you’ve cried every night Will all fade into starlight. Hey there pretty, Someday you’re gonna be worthy You’re gonna be whatever You wanna be And all those people will look at you And see […]

i love him so much that i have to let him go

i love him so much that i have to let him go. i always thought that he is my third love. the one who’ll stay with me forever. yea, they say third love will always be there. and i always thought it’s him. or i don’t actually thought it’s him. i think i actually HOPE […]

How To Not Care Anymore

I used to care about everything. Literally everything. And that’s why people love me so much – because I care. I ask a lot , and often, about other people. ‘How’s work?’ ‘Oh that’s terrible, how it happened?’ ‘What do you think about it?’ I grew up in everyone’s problem. I became somewhat a solution […]

Why her?

“Why her?” People asked me. “Because she’s an art art isn’t just supposed to look nice, art is to make you feel something.” That was what I told them. Always. Pin 0


Kita cepat melatah whenever others are at fault, Tapi bila kita salah we’re the first to bolt, No accountability whatsoever tapi pandai tambah salt, Tak sedar that instead of done dakwah sebenarnya tu assault. Kita ada opinion for everything whether solicited or not, Sometimes advice dengan nada condescending but for what? Mungkinkah we’ve got God […]


It’s true I’m growing up but it does not turn out as what you have expected of me or even what I expect of myself I think more of what I should have received just like any other kids of my age but I guess I’m not a kid anymore in your eyes I can […]